42 Days & Counting…

After spending a few days finishing up miscellaneous projects involving my sewing machine, I figured I was about to pull the plug on it and put it in the closet until sometime after the wedding and when I’d be so inclined. Then, a new project called.

We are having a minimalist wedding. Just kidding! It was supposed to be minimalist, but then we got crazy! My dress isn’t minimalist. Woo hoo! But I don’t care! Anyway, the other day I ordered this really cool “guestbook” off Etsy. It’s a clear heart-shaped frame… Well, I’ll just post a picture.

Anyway, I was explaining it to Brenda and decided we needed someone to do guestbook duties. So I thought of my adorable 7-year old niece, McKenna. She just finished first grade. I asked her parents, my brother and sister-in-law, if she would be interested and my brother said she would REALLY like to be a flower girl. Why didn’t I think of that? Honestly, I just didn’t think we had room and we don’t really have any attendants other than my daughter, maid-of-honor, and Mike’s brother, best man. So, I said something to Mike and he said it was making too big a deal about our wedding — well, that ship has sailed! Months ago. So Friday night, I was rolling and tossing and not sleeping, as per usual, and decided to present it to Mike again. I said, she really wanted the job and she was perfect for it. And, she could also do ringbearer duties since we don’t have a similar-in-age boy to do that. Besides, why does a ringbearer have to be a boy anyway? It’s not like 7-year old girls can’t multi-task. So, Mike agreed. Now, what to wear?

I immediately thought of the original fabric I bought for my wedding dress (if you haven’t already read those early blogs, look back at the 1st or 2nd). I looked everywhere for that fabric and finally picked something else which became my dress. I didn’t realize I needed more than three yards. Well, I still have those three yards and I decided to use it. I found a pattern: Simplicity 8271.

I purchased some more “lining fabric” and after finishing my last project last evening, which was replacing a zipper in a dress (my fourth zipper with my tiny Janome sewing machine), I began cutting out dress pieces. It took very little time since these are little pieces. I didn’t begin sewing last night. Instead I decided to get everything ready for today.

This morning, I think I woke up at around 6:30, which for me is early, but it is the first day of summer, the longest day of the year. I wanted to get started on my new project. I also had another epiphany overnight and that was that I should probably use more than one layer of lining. I decided that since the dress is lined anyway, I should sew each pearled piece to a lining piece like it is “original fabric.” It took a couple hours to cut more pieces and then sew them together. After that, the dress went together pretty quickly. Much quicker than my marathon project.

I am finished for the day, but this is the dress.

It needs: lining on the skirt area of the dress, a zipper, and hem. I am also planning to make some loops for the ribbon, which will be sage green. Meagan loves it! She found the ribbon and thinks this is how it all ties together! So far, so good!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. I miss my dad today. Mike got a nice little care package from my daughter (his step-daughter) and we heard from the sons. Stay safe out there — it’s a hot one, weather-wise.



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