The final step, I mean steps…

There have been a few things going on in the past couple weeks. I worked umpteen hours hand-sewing, and also thinking I would never actually use my little sewing machine again. I also looked for appropriate undergarments to wear underneath my dress. Last weekend, as a final exclamation point, I decided to take in the dress. Again. I need it to fit properly and not look like I’m swimming in it. I will point out that the pattern directions alluded to this dress pattern being for full-figured women and the dress was supposed to fit loosely, due to princess seams, etc. I didn’t want it to “fit loosely.” I really had a desire to see that I actually have a waist, particularly after losing a few pounds.

I tried on some undergarments that I own and determined that if I ended up trying to get said undergarments on in any temperature above 65 degrees, I would probably drop even more pounds of sweat! It was 65 degrees or so outside when I tried on those undergarments and felt like that was a job in itself. I ended up looking like a million bucks. I have some footless tights and put those on. Footless tights are not really my idea of fun. On August 1, I DO NOT want to be wearing footless tights. I also put on some shapewear that I tucked away in my drawer. So great!

I tried the slip on again and pinched the sides of the dress and stuck some pins into it and removed the dress and took it in appropriately. It ended up being an inch and a half on each side, which is actually three inches on each side. Six inches total. That after the four inches I took in before. I am kind of amazed that I’ve now taken in the dress ten whole inches. And then, after taking it in, I was finally pleased with how it looked. I’m not taking it in again.

I then purchased a couple undergarments. The first was a bodysuit-type outfit. The second was a tank top that I can wear with my regular bra. Bingo! I returned the bodysuit and am set for the big day.

I took my slip to the drycleaners (Oak Street Cleaners in Milwaukie Marketplace) for a professional pressing. I was hesitant to do that because of paranoia previously stated in previous blogs. Prior to taking it to the cleaners, I decided to drop by JoAnn’s Fabrics to show off my dress. I had the outerdress over the slip and several of the employees at JoAnn’s complimented me. That gave me more confidence about taking it to the cleaners.

The cleaners took good care of my dress and returned it to me. It looked absolutely beautiful and I’m grateful to them. I don’t know why I was so worried.

So that brings us to yesterday, my birthday. I am 59 years old. Unbelievable. It’s flat-out irritating to be 59, when I don’t feel 59. May as well make the best of it! Life has a way of sneaking up on you. When I think of being this age, I think of my younger self at age 39 or 40 and wonder how I got here. My happiness now, compared to 39 or 40 is 100-fold, if that is even possible! I will marry the love of my life in 49 days!

Today I decided to catch up on some things. I pulled out the sewing machine and repaired a robe (something old) that needed repaired and still looks great after 30 or so years. I also repaired a bedspread that has needed some hand-sewing for about a year. We went to Costco to stock up on some wedding supplies.

I have a hair appointment this week and we will talk about wedding hairstyles. I found one I like and I also ordered some accessories for my hair. I need some new color. Here is one idea.

Here are photos of my dress, back and front, in the drycleaner’s plastic. I know these aren’t great photos, but it looks so nice and clean!

And last but not least — here is the countdown! We are in the 40’s now!



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