We are in the teens…

I’ve been meaning to write for a while, but have had so many other things come up. Today, for instance, I have a long list of items to do, but will put some on hold until tomorrow, or the next, or the day after that. Suffice it to say (ooh, I hate that), I will write something today and maybe not everything I’ve been thinking, but I will get a post in today… promise.

So, immediately after I wrote that first paragraph, I ran out to do another couple tasks relating to the big day! I’ll get to that task in a bit, but that was about 3 hours ago and then I had to return something and I have allergies, and a bad attack that I didn’t meet head-on, so now I’m in slow motion, and everything takes longer and I’m not getting as much done. Boo hoo! Poor me and the wedding is still 19 (well, the counter now says 18) days away.

McKenna’s dress is finished, except for a small task of tacking the ribbon to the sides. I just want to do that so the ribbon stays with the dress. And it seems to me, it will look a little smoother if I do that. I took her dress to Oak Street Cleaners for a good pressing and it has been hanging in the closet with plastic to protect it ever since. I had thought I would make loops to attach to the dress, but decided instead tacking the ribbon would be easier.

Shortly after I decided to make (and finish) McKenna’s dress, I decided to make a dressy pantsuit for my mom. I’d found several outfits I really liked, but none of them were available; or they were too pricey; or they wouldn’t arrive until after the wedding; or pick any other problem with finding appropriate attire for the mother of the bride. My mom is 80 and she is short and trying to find something in a style we wanted was difficult. Some stores have a petite department, but they don’t sell in store, or their in-store selection is extremely limited. I tried to buy her a really pretty outfit online, but when it arrived it was miles too long and it made me wonder whether real people ever modeled outfits you see on websites. My mom is short, but not that short. The pants on this outfit were supposed to be purposely shorter and my mom said truly, she held them up to her neck and they still were too long.

We decided to go with a darker sage green and I found some fabric that seemed like it would work. I made the jacket and immediately had to cut off about 8 inches, but it’s fine. I then cut off the sleeves because they should be quarter length and not knuckle length. I sent off the pants to Mom to make sure they fit and she will bring them when she comes so I can hem them. I started to make a blouse out of leftover pearl fabric, but ended up scrapping that idea. I was short on fabric, and it wasn’t looking right. Around the time I worked on this, it ended up being Amazon Prime Day. I ordered two ivory-colored blouses and one will work perfectly!

We’ve gotten a few awesome gifts, which is truly exciting. One day, I had a doctor’s appointment and had received notification that I was going to be getting a package in the mail that I would have to sign for. I thought it might be my wine club order, but couldn’t figure out why they would send it instead of having me pick it up. I asked Mike if he’d be home to accept the package and ironically, he was working away from home. I asked a neighbor and he agreed to accept the package. When I got home after the appointment, the package still hadn’t arrived. Now you know if I wouldn’t have gone to the trouble, they would’ve shown up when they promised (between 1 and 5). They got there about 6:00. And it wasn’t my wine club order. It ended up being from a vineyard, just not one I’m familiar with — Sterling Vineyards in Napa Valley. This wedding gift was amazing — a case of Sterling Prosecco! Thank you Jim! I worked for him when I lived in Reno, a million years ago! I was so fortunate to know him, his lovely wife, and their seven children. His youngest is a year older than my daughter. He was a great boss and friend. We caught up a day or two later when I emailed him thanking him for the wonderful gift. I told him about Willamette Valley Vineyards, a local winery that offered a stock offering last summer and we are owners, along with my mom.

For now I will close. I have more to share, but it is getting late and I am trying to get some photos together for a picture area we are trying to create. Hope you are safe and well and enjoying the summer.



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