Glitter Part II…

After Thanksgiving, I decided to give sewing a shot. So much for cleaning up the dining room/sewing room. It’s a mess again. Add to it a couple dozen “pearls,” give or take, and I’ve got some vacuuming to do. Not today though. I’ll keep going. I have a few more seams to go before I clean up. Again.

The first seam was torture. I had decided to do a rolled seam, but changed my mind after I tried using pins in the fabric and they kept falling out. When I say “fabric” I really mean mesh. It is like sewing air. In fact, a few swear words later, and a couple emphatic stops and starts… “I’m sewing air,” I said out loud. I don’t think anyone, but Cheddar Bob heard me and he might have been asleep when I began sewing.

The Burda Pattern instructions said to use a zigzag stitch about a quarter inch from the edge to even out the seam. Which I did. Then it said to sew a seam near the zigzag stitch. Which I also did. The second piece I sewed using this double-sew method was much better than the first since I removed the rogue pearls that were in the way. That made things much better. But even sew… haha, a little joke there to keep you reading. It was flat-out exhausting. Trying to keep fabric, I mean air with pearls and sequins together, is really difficult to sew without feeling like you are accomplishing nothing. After that, I took a picture. I basically pinned it to my sweatshirt and stood in front of a mirror. Although you can see that from the picture.

I have no pride — it’s a Sunday and I’m wearing my school leggings, sweatshirt and slippers. That is my uniform for a day of sewing. Oh, and I saw this:

Ummm. Yeah. I’m sewing a dang wedding dress. Without lipstick, I might add.

I also don’t have sleeves yet. My overdress is so far sleeveless, but I expect that to change. I was going to order some more of the fabric, but when I checked, they didn’t have “ivory,” so I guess I’ll just figure out what I have and make do. I don’t think it’s a big deal. I have some other fabric I can use that is “air” or mesh or whatever. I’ll figure that out when I get to that point in the instructions.

I called my mom to ask about what to do with the button loops. I thought I would use something like this.

But the Burda Pattern instructions say to do this.

I doubt I will do this because I am not using fabric that has a solid consistency to it; instead, it’s air. I doubt loops suspended in air is going to work. Just saying. I had to ask Mom. I don’t think I need a row of loops. Maybe one or two (not 7 like the pattern instructions instructed.

I also haven’t decided if I will sew the last two panels onto the dress. If I do, I’m nearly finished with the overdress. If I don’t. Well, it’s a project for next weekend. Actually, I’d say I’m nearly finished, but still need to finish the neck and there’s the sleeves. I still need to figure that out, but since I have a plan, I think I could gather the materials together and call it a done deal in no time. If I do, I’ll do it after dinner. At any rate, I declare that today I made some significant progress and it feels good after 3 days of binge-watching Downton Abbey and the complete Titantic docu-series on the National Geographic channel. By the way, that Titanic thing is depressing. It always ends the same way. So does Downton Abbey — I’ve seen it before — but at least the whole group doesn’t end up at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean with rusticles (a term I learned last night).



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