Sometimes you just need a break…

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. It was really the only work I did while at home! I worked Monday and Tuesday, which was like a Monday and Friday. I was off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It was much needed. I had cleaned up the house last weekend and then it was heavenly bliss to have a short week and five days off in a row! Yessss!!!

We had made an apple pie on Sunday, which took about two hours start to finish. When I say “we,” I really mean we filmed me making a pie for my Culinary class and I showed it on Tuesday. That was the only pie I made for “Thanksgiving” because Mike’s mom (Pauline) made a pumpkin pie, which is my usual favorite. Meagan and I have a tradition of making a cherry pie, but she wasn’t planning to be here on Thanksgiving, and I couldn’t find cherry apie filling anyway.

I did brine a turkey, which turned out well. I’d post a picture, but unfortunately, the only picture I have is the before picture and let me just say, a raw turkey isn’t a picture of beauty! I forgot to take an after photo, so you will have to trust me here — that turkey was a masterpiece! It was done early, but we covered it for a bit to let it rest while the potatoes finished cooking and the rolls warmed, and the Brussels sprouts fried, and we put stuff on the table. Overall, I felt it was a success. Since it was a COVID Thanksgiving, it was just the four of us: Mike, Pauline, Sam and me. It was a nice time.

Today was Black Friday and I did very little shopping. I generally don’t get into Black Friday that much, especially since I worked in retail in 2012 and swore I’d never do it again. In the past, I’ve sometimes shopped, but today I didn’t until a couple hours ago when I ordered some kitchen things from a Pampered Chef online party. It will help my sister-in-law since she’ll get some goodies from it. Plus, I will benefit from a digital meat thermometer. I’ve always wanted one of those! I did think about how in 247 days, we will be getting married, which will be here before you know it. Mostly, I’m anxious for 2020 to be over and this is just another day to tick off the calendar. Another day without COVID. Another day closer to 2021.

This weekend I plan to work on my dress. Since I cut out the glitter-heavy material to make the outer-dress, I hope I will be able to sew it together. I also want to lay out and cut out the slip. Again.

We were planning to go on a Mediterranean Cruise next summer, but since COVID cases are not slowing down, it will be a mystery if we will actually go. The one thing I hope happens in 2021 is the wedding. Well, obviously. When you have a year where everything is focused on one thing and I am focused on something else, it’s easy to forget, for me anyway, that a Pandemic even exists. Some days I wake up and forget. Other times, when I spend time away from the outside world, I forget I need to wear a mask. I will stupidly go somewhere and get out of my car without a mask. Oh yeah!

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in here and write a few lines. I hope every one is staying safe and well and enjoying a respite from craziness.

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