Best Laid Plans

I had planned to work on my dress today, but alas, I did not. So the dress sits underneath the tablecloth where it has been for almost a week. I made sure to cover it up because my cat, Cheddar Bob, has a habit of bothering things that do not belong to him. I figured I would cover it up so he isn’t even tempted. Cheddar Bob is a sweet kitty, but can be mischievous and curious (as all cats are) and I didn’t want any scratches or snags on my fabric.

I ended up cleaning out a closet. I’m telling you, things can end up piling up and I’d meant to clean out this closet all summer long. Well, here we are, back at school, and summer is over this weekend. I decided to clean things up and feel good about the closet for a few weeks. It looks so nice!

I’m going to post a picture of Cheddar Bob in his relative peaceful position right now. He looks so content and well, sleepy. He looks how I feel.

Since I’ve gotten nothing done today, I’m going to talk about wedding music. Please, if you are reading this, post something about music in response to this post. I have a couple songs I’d like to hear at our wedding/reception. There are some songs that are meaningful to Mike and I, but some songs are just fun and I’d like them to be played at some point. I’m trying to get Mike involved in this because he is so much about music. When we were first together, he used to hum along/sing to me. Here are some favorites:

These are just a few. If you can think of a few more suggestions, it would be great! And, if you are getting married, what songs do you want played at your wedding/reception?

Tomorrow is a new day. I will update then. That is, if I make an progress. Thankfully I have 47 weeks until the big day! No procrastinating though.

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