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I installed a zipper yesterday. I was proud of myself. Considering I didn’t have a zipper foot (equipment) and didn’t really know what to expect, I was proud that the zipper ended up looking halfway decent. I believe, and I know I am biased when it comes to this process, that it really isn’t going to matter too much anyway. It is an invisible zipper and it will be barely noticeable when the dress is finished.

Today I sewed some more — side seams and shoulder seams. Remember when I said I allowed for the seam allowances? That was such a great idea (sarcasm) because then I had to reduce the size of the tent I cut out initially. There were already seam allowances built in, so increasing the size of the dress just made for more work later. I got out the pattern pieces and laid them on the fabric, which was slip-sliding all over the place (it is satin) and cut the fabric to the size it should be, based on the pattern. That would have been fine, except for those pesky darts I put in the other day, so I ended up taping the pattern so I could figure out where to cut. I’m going to attach a photo, but I want to post a caveat first. The dress still looks like a tent.

I tried it on too, which was probably a mistake. It fits, but seems short. I have a solution to that too. Once cut, fabric cannot be uncut, but I figure when everything is said and done (or sewed and done), the dress will be fine. The thing is, the Burda patterns are from Germany. I don’t know if 5’6″ in America is 5’6″ in Germany, but the pattern states that you need to increase the length if you are taller than 5’6″. I’m a bit shorter than 5’6″, so what gives? I didn’t increase the length because I’m not taller than that. I’m looking at the towering models on the pattern envelope and figured someone probably extended the pattern pieces to make them long enough, but for me, I didn’t deem it necessary. Also, I cannot, cannot gain weight between now and then (46 weeks, 6 days). I fully intend to lose weight, and am making my dress with that in mind. But right now, the look isn’t what I’m going for. By August 1, 2021, I want to look fabulous in my dress. Also, it is very hard to imagine what the dress will look like once with bells and whistles. It also needs to be ironed. I just wanted to show it off in it’s beginning stages. And to also prove I’ve been working on it!

Also, something that makes me kind of mad is that the “slip” as it is called, is lined. I didn’t realize that at first, so had to return to the store to by lining fabric. Lining fabric has no “give” whatsoever. My slip fabric has some stretch to it. I am tempted to not line it because it isn’t exactly see-through, but figured I better follow the instructions (like I tell my students). But sheesh! Once the lining is in, I won’t be able to move! Also, if say in a few months, I lose all kinds of weight, the dress will need to be altered. And I will have to take it somewhere to alter it (I’m not doing that — it would be like making the dress twice, or so I say now — not sure I would trust anyone to alter my dress). I decided to put things aside until later (next week maybe).

I am encouraged by my progress. I don’t think it looks like much, but I have time. When I got married before, I was engaged on June 12 and our wedding was November 30. I don’t remember exactly when I finished the dress. Our wedding was the weekend after Thanksgiving and I’m pretty sure I was finished with the dress a few weeks prior. We were working on details unrelated to my dress the last weeks before the wedding. We had a groomsman back out at the last minute and had to get a tuxedo together for replacement groomsman on Friday after Thanksgiving, so it was a bit of a frenzy. Things happen. I didn’t want my dress to be finished right before I walked down the aisle. And it won’t be this time either! Also, at this point, if I wanted to start over, I could — not that I want to buy all new material for the project, but the satin for the “slip” is really the first stage. The downside would be putting in that zipper again!

A few weeks ago, I got an email from The Knot, a wedding planning website. I signed up in June or July. It said it was time to pick a photographer. I had been working on that. Mike and I had some photos taken in 2019 by a photographer who had done my daughter’s senior pictures. Katy Weaver ( did a great job and we asked her to take our wedding photos. She was booked. I had admired a friend’s family photos and she gave me the name of that photographer and she was also booked. Honestly, this was getting serious. Fortunately, Katy gave me the names a several photographers she had either worked with or knew and I looked at their websites. One particularly stood out, Briana Morrison ( I think it’s because of her website’s tagline “Honest Photography for Super Chill Couples.” I always think of myself as super chill.” She’ll be great. After I talked to her (more than once) I am completely chill with our choice. The funny thing was, after we decided to go with Briana, The Knot gave us a list of local photographers and her name was on the list! It was meant to be.

Another week and progress is being made. Here’s a countdown to the big day!



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DiPasquale Wedding

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  1. Aww, thanks for the shout out! Your dress is looking really lovely already! haha Though I totally understand the liner situation. There’s nothing worse than finding a beautiful and flattering dress that looks comfortable, only to have the liner squeeze you in all the wrong places. 🤦‍♀️ I hope you find a solution that works well for you!


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