And Here We Go

I decided to write a blog because I like to write. Also, I like to help people. And, I like to write. So, thought I could be helpful and give people the opportunity to share their ideas with me as far as wedding planning and wedding gowns go.

As I said before, many years ago, I got married and boy have things changed. That was 1986. Hair styles were a mile high with Aqua Net spraying all over the dang place. I graduated high school in 1980, so was really a product of the 1970’s since only a few months of the crazy eighties were spent in high school. Fortunately, powder blue tuxes were not the norm in 1986. Wedding dresses were different then too. I still have my first one. It was an art project with beads and embellishments. I glued beads onto the lace and remember how much I thought it was less sewing than it should have been. No regrets. I loved it when I was finished. It had a train and I wore a hat borrowed from my cousin. I’ll try to post some photos.

And now this. I am so glad I began doing this now instead of waiting until January. We had gotten a wedding announcement last week and watched some of their wedding online over the weekend. I will point out that we were not invited because of COVID. They got married outside and it looked beautiful. It made me think about how August is the perfect month for getting married outside. My last wedding was in November. It was a nice day, but not warm enough to spend anytime outside.

Things are coming together. We have a best man, an officiant, a maid of honor, a band (on standby), and a grill master to grill stuff in our new outdoor BBQ island! And my dress… So far I haven’t done much in the way of working on it. I have been working and there is much to be done. I am a high school teacher and our students will not be at our school. It will be a challenge. I am looking forward to it though. I always like a good challenge.

So, I was thinking about my first wedding. If you were there (and reading my blog), please write a comment. Also, if you made your own dress (like my Aunt June), please write a comment. And, if you have pictures, post them. I am still hunting down some photos of my first wedding dress. Technology wasn’t something we thought about very much back then.

Also, if you want to contact me, please send me a message on this platform. Today I got a message that seemed like a scam. I took appropriate action of deleting it and blocking the caller/messenger, but then got to thinking about it later and wondered if it was legit. I’m not going to worry about it, but did want to somehow ignore people who might be potential subscribers.

I love to see all things “LOVE” and weddings. I’m an optimist. I am so lucky to have found my guy. I think about that a lot. I admit to being cynical about the whole idea of getting married in the past, but I truly found my Prince Charming. Even with all my flaws, he loves me. And I love him. 332 Days until our big day!!!

Hey! These flowers are pretty!

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2 thoughts on “And Here We Go

  1. I got married in 1992 the first go around. My veil, dress, slip, and strapless corset all under 183 dollars. Bought shoes etc for another 40 dollars.
    My second wedding was 2015 was dialed back. The dress was simple and could be restyled for other options. Bought at the Black and White store at Washington Sq.
    I admire your ability to sew your dress Diane. Last complete thing I made was a uniform skirt (with zipper) for basket ball band. Took me two days because of pleats.
    I am very excited to be a part of the next chapter in the life of Mike and Diane. Fight On and Congratulations!


    1. It has been an adventure — this sewing business. I used to sew pretty regularly, but my sewing machine broke several years ago and I tossed it (which probably wasn’t environmentally appropriate). I bought my little beauty a year ago and after making a quilt decided I could sew almost anything, especially after seeing my dream dress and realizing I didn’t have 1370 bucks laying around waiting to be spent. I’m sure if I added up my hours, that dress might have been a bargain! But my dress will have character. I thought the last thing I made was about 20 years ago, but recently saw a photo of Meagan wearing a dress that matched a suit jacket I made and it looks more like 25 years ago. I found that outfit in my cedar chest. Ahh memories.

      Oh, and by the way, I doubt I will wear this dress again! How do you repurpose a dress with lace that looks very much like a wedding dress?! It’ll be stored somewhere, but I’ll enjoy the heck out of it on August 1! Hope to see you soon!


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