Here’s the good news… and here’s the bad…

I SEWED! Finally!!! I worked on my dress and pretty much finished attaching the lining to the slip! Whoa! And no mistakes. No using a seam ripper (I have a funny story about that). Nothing. It was seamless, well not really. That’s a little pun for your enjoyment.

Yesterday, my daughter and her roommate came over for breakfast. After they left I decided to finish attaching the lining to the dress. I just knew I would have felt really accomplished if I’d do that and it had been sitting on the table waiting to be done. Now, let me say I am not a fan of lining anything. I would avoid it at all costs, but since I felt this is necessary in order for the dress to look right, I could no longer avoid the inevitable. It didn’t even take that long.

Immediately after I finished, I felt a huge wave of relief flood over me. I am on the home stretch. Once I finish the construction, I can begin the embellishments. That’s the fun stuff. I have four yards of fun stuff to put together! Yee Haw!!! After I’m finished, the dress becomes an art project. Hurray!

I know there is still much to be done, but it feels like I really made some progress. I started to finish the edges next to the sleeves, but that will come along the next time I sew. There were some things I didn’t really understand and wanted to delve into further before I committed to working on those dang sleeves, so I’m done for the weekend.

Oh, and I almost forgot the bad news, or not so good news. The dress, with lining, doesn’t exactly fit. So I’m ramping up the exercise and eating plan. I’m cutting out a few things. I’m drinking lemon water in the morning, first thing, and then intermittent fasting. I’ll do that for a while (and not get too spun up) before resorting to drastic measures. It will work out.

Mike and I discussed wedding plans most of the weekend. We have talked about food, music, etc. It sometimes feels overwhelming and we’re keeping it small! What the heck did I do the first time around? Anyway, we are narrowing down some things — like the cake (well, we are not actually thinking of having a cake).

It’s hard to plan things when it’s a chilly March day and the wind is blowing and the rain is falling. We are still trying to clean up from the ice storm from a couple weeks ago. Our fish pond is finally clean, which is great! And the best part is, we didn’t lose any fish. Our small fish (Scuti, as in is yellow and we haven’t seen him(?) since last summer. Well, he is alive. Here is proof. He’s the small blurry fish next to the big fishes.

Well, that’s it for now. Things are progressing! We are hoping we can have a wedding in August. We also hope “we” get vaccines — I have both shots; Mike is waiting and waiting and waiting — in Oregon we are hopeful he will get one by June, when he will be eligible. Please stay safe and stay well.



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