Feeling it…

Part of writing to me is the feeling that “Hey! I should write something!” even when I don’t feel like writing about anything in particular. But here we are…

So a few days ago I decided sew some seams. I decided to finish sewing the “body” of the overdress. The main part of it is done. It was 4 seams, but then again, each seam was sewn twice, so it ended up being 8 long stretches of sewing a seam. But now, it is done. I looked at the whole finished process and decided to hang up the “dress” in its near completion and here we are. The “slip” is the old slip. It is too short, and I have the fabric for the remake, but haven’t begun making it. AGAIN! Last Tuesday I got some fabric for the lining, which is marginally heavier than the old lining fabric. I think I will toss the old fabric because it is useless to me. It has been a while since I even cut out the pieces and I have no connection to it. I just think starting over will be easier than trying to figure out where each piece goes.

We got through Christmas. This Christmas was interesting. I have this general feeling in non-COVID years to just get through it and enjoy a couple weeks off without thinking about teaching. I need it. It isn’t that I don’t think about my students and hope they are doing well. I also think about my fellow teachers and hope they are doing well too. But this year, considering COVID, I just need to chill and not think about it for a while.

This photo doesn’t do it justice, but here is the overdress with the old slip underneath. I am biased, but it looks better in real life.

The house is still full of glitter, but I think — and it may be just wishful thinking — that maybe it’s dissipating some. With Christmas over, maybe I can get ahead of it. We are full-steam ahead with 2021 and our wedding planning — the only certainty of the New Year! Well, never say “certainty” after a year like 2020! In the next few days, I plan to work on my dress, even as I say “no” to re-sewing a zipper without a zipper foot. I think for now it is just a mental block. On that note, I will close. I promise to write soon, maybe even before 2021!



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