Small victory…

Today I woke up with the goal of fitting pattern pieces onto fabric. First, a little history. Last weekend, I purchased some fabric that was similar to the fabric I didn’t have enough of. I purchased it sight unseen — well, I’d seen a picture of it, but the picture really didn’t do it justice. I decided to buy enough of it so I could use it for my dress. I bought 4 yards. On Wednesday I got a package in the mail, my fourth of the week. I love ordering things online and getting them delivered. Well, I didn’t really look at it. I pulled it out of the package and out came a bunch of glitter that dumped all over the floor. It was similar not exact. The description said “sequins and pearls.” I knew I didn’t want sequins, but I figured it might work. After closer inspection, I decided if I could fit the pieces onto the fabric, I would cut it out and make it work.

The pieces fit, but just barely. I had zero inches to spare on either end and on either side. I also don’t have sleeves, but I figured if the sleeves had pearls on them I wouldn’t be happy anyway. I felt like they’d rub off or fall off and that would be strange! I’m going to make the sleeves out of something else. I’ll figure it out and I have many yards of the lace fabric, which is similar to the back of the pearl fabric.

A couple years ago I did a project with my students where they had to make a poster for a “cause.” One of my students did her poster on how glitter is litter. Let me tell you how much glitter is littered all over my dining room. It’s a mess. I don’t know how long it will take to clean it up. And there’s this, which is the truth…

It took about a half hour to cut the pieces out and after, I was just exhausted again. I really planned to get my sewing machine out and actually sew the pieces together, but then realized I would have to make a run to the fabric store because once again, I need something from there and due to wind and rain and wet leaves everywhere, I decided to just stay home. Besides, since this fabric is so thin and presumably frail (I don’t think it’s that frail), and I would have to actually sew each seam twice since I’d have to do this inside-out seam thingie, I decided to wait. Besides, in the middle of it all, I had to help my mom with her phone and that always takes a while. I also got her signed up for Blue Apron and we had to discuss that ad nauseum! I think she’ll like Blue Apron. I always feel like a gourmet chef after fixing one of those meals.

I got my hair cut last week. Jessi Zimmerman is the best. I had to have a shingles shot beforehand (because I’m old) and drove to her shop after and got home late with a new ‘do! My hair is on its way to growing out for my wedding haircut. I’ll show some examples of what I want. The only downside to these hairdos is that one of them was for mother-of-the-bride and that was irritating. I know I’m old enough to be mother-of-the-bride, but I’m not, so cut it out. I also felt pretty good after my cut and color because my hair seemed longer after my haircut than it was before she started. I think she just performed magic.

I also thought about making the under-dress again. I haven’t cut it out yet. But was thinking about re-installing a zipper on my sewing machine, which doesn’t have a zipper foot. Again. I’m sure I can do it, but do I just buy a new zipper? Or do I rip that one out. Also, we are going into a “freeze” of the quit-going-places-it’s-a-pandemic-silly kind. I get it, but am now wondering if I need to stock up on “supplies” like a zipper, thread, buttons, etc. before we get the stay-at-home order on Wednesday. I also wonder if fabric stores are going to experience the same thing as before — lines to get in and shortages of things like interfacing, cotton fabric, and seam binding. And panic buying — don’t forget the panic buying. “I’m sorry, there is a restriction on buying those packages of seam binding. The limit is two.” It was strange back then. I’m pretty sure the fabric stores didn’t see that coming! I don’t mean to joke. These are serious times. But I, for one, get through these times better when I’m joking and not grousing about how I cannot go to the fabric store without a list. Will we ever have the opportunity to stroll around and shop? Or will everything be under a stopwatch. These are legitimate questions.

I have a wedding website now. I told Mike and he rolled his eyes. Yes, we’ve both been through this before. Wait. We didn’t have websites back in the day. We just had to tell people stuff. “By the way, I’m registered at Meier and Frank.” Meier and Frank doesn’t exist anymore either. Can you believe it? Imagine, not having the internet and actually having to go fill out a long sheet of paper with the place-settings you want. The times have changed. I didn’t have to look for a bowtie for the cat either. These are important decisions! What color? How big? He’s an orange tabby and we don’t want to be too Halloween-like with black! Oh my! What will the relatives say?

Well, that’s all for today. I want to thank all who looked for fabric. Michelle “Mickey” Jones, Aunt June, Laurie Worth, Brenda Becker and others who popped into stores just to check. It is greatly appreciated. I am slowly selling myself on my new fabric and hopefully that will be the last time I run short. For now I’ll celebrate this victory!



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