Success? Well, maybe…

I decided to write again because today is one of those days where things seem to be going my way. Maybe, just maybe, that will translate to good writing. Well, maybe…

Anyway, last week I bemoaned my bad luck in trying to find fabric and three different fabric stores. On Monday, I hit Number 4. My luck seemed to change just slightly. If you look at the fabric that is ivory with tiny pearls and gold flecks on the heading of my blog, that is what I am looking for. So on Monday, I was feeling particularly dejected as I was leaving the 4th fabric store with no luck and the person who greeted me as I walked in asked me if I had found what I was looking for and I told her “no.” She told me to talk to one of the gals who knew all kinds of stuff and maybe she could help me find what I was looking for. She was amazing — you know the type, one of those customer-service oriented types who knows a lot and will go above-and-beyond. We went back to the racks and couldn’t find anything and then went to the clearance section. Well, bazinga! We found “sister fabric.” It was bright white with silver flecks and white pearls. I took a photo of the end of the bolt. It had a brand name and numbers. As I was continuing to look through fabric, I found some of the same lace fabric in the clearance section. Even though I doubt I need it for my dress, I bought another 3 yards since it was so inexpensive (relatively speaking) and came home with my treasure! It wasn’t a total loss anyway. So if any of you who are reading my bolt come across some ivory “fabric that is tulle-like” with gold flecks and pearls like what is pictured above and is “Save the Date” brand, let me know. I’m going to keep looking. In the meantime, I am planning to try to lay out the pattern onto the fabric I have to see if somehow I can fit it onto the 3.5 yards I have without having to resort to undue measures to find the remaining 3 and 5/8 yards I still may need. On another note… there is this big flowery belt think that is included in that 7 1/8 yards I supposedly need. I am not planning to have a flowery belt on my dress. Because, well, that is not my vision. Anyway, here is the end bolt.

I’ve been promising I’d haul out my dress from the 1980’s and post a picture. Well, today is the day. I just pulled it out of the archives (of my closet) and it really could use a good steaming to get the wrinkles out, but I’m posting a picture of it (on a hanger) anyway. Try to picture this with all the hope and glory of 1986. Also, I had one of those slips under that pulled me together in all the right places and fluffed out the skirt so it looked more fairy-princess and less limp. At least that’s how I remembered it! Also, I think the sleeves were actually the same length. My new dress will be so much better.

Progress is slow, but I still have a while before I have to get stressed about it! More to come.



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