A break in the action…

I’m not home and will not be working on my dress. I have a few other things on my mind, like what do I need to do the next few days to help my mom? We are visiting her for a few days and it’s a working “vacation.” So far so good. We finished a mini-job today — moving a bed-in-a-box into the guest room. We are in the Palm Springs area and hope the wind dies down because it can get old. We did a little drive-around and it wasn’t windy everywhere, so that was good.

I am feeling pretty comfortable about my dress. My neighbor (Anne, the best neighbor in the world, by the way) agreed to help me with fitting into my dress — meaning she would be on standby to help me with taking it in where necessary. I gave her a sneak peak and she said we can plan to meet once we get back.

Actually a couple days ago I thought about something I hadn’t mentioned in my last blog post. I had gone to JoAnn’s to look at some fabric. It was right before I committed to making my slip for the third time. I couldn’t find my fabric — well, I did, but that particular JoAnn’s didn’t have enough of my slip fabric. They did, however, have a bolt with my outerdress fabric on it. I kind of laughed. This was something that was occupying my mind a few months ago. I needed enough for the sleeves, but managed to scrape together enough scraps to make the sleeves. Also, I didn’t know if the four yards I purchased were going to be enough. It turned out okay, but it made me think if I was needing something, maybe I should just wait a few weeks!

I really shouldn’t go to fabric stores though. I can nearly always find something for The Wedding. Not even fabric. But all kinds of stuff. I bought about 10 yards of tulle, which I have no real use for, but it was only 30 cents a yard. Who knows? I might need/use it for something.

On one of our flights today, Mike and I sat across the aisle from one another. A very nice lady sat next to me. She was traveling with her daughter. She said she was in the medical field (a nurse I think) and had been vaccinated. I have great respect for anyone in the medical field. I was lucky enough to get the vaccine around the same time as people in the medical field (frontline workers), but I was just lucky. I don’t work in a field where I am day-to-day confronted with the possibility of being in harm’s way when it comes to COVID. So, here’s a shoutout to all frontline workers. I respect you.

I don’t have much to say. I am trying to find something for my mom to wear. I have some ideas, but don’t know what we’ll end up with. Also, we are sending out invitations next week. We are almost down to 100 days and will probably send them closer to 90 days before THE BIG DAY!

Stay safe and stay well.



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