Save the date…

The past two weeks have been full of well, just stuff. I’m always glad for the weekend, but this weekend especially. Then it flew by in a whir of activity. I got my hair cut, still working toward long-ish hair for the wedding. I particularly like it today — it is straight and has direction. I think back to years of hair and how my hair looked. I remember when the feathered look was “in” and I longed for perfect hair. My hair was stick straight and did not have any direction. Man, I hated that. My cousin, Richelle, always had great hair, super thick and beautifully naturally curly. Here I was, getting my hair layered and it looked like crap. I am finally at an age where I can appreciate my hair and its nuances. I think product has a lot to do with it. Aqua Net is something I remember and that stuff could hold your hair together (good or bad) in a hurricane. Well, my hair needed help. Curling irons came along and I got one and it had a “steam” feature. Like that helped. It basically steamed the curl right out of my hair. Unbelievable that some idiot thought that steaming in curls would help. Hot rollers were my friend at one point and I use them now. I kind of like the concept. A couple weeks ago I used my set (handed up to me from my daughter) and curled my hair before work. It was kind of funny because I felt like my hair had finally “arrived” and here it is about 40 years too late! Look out Farrah Fawcett (RIP). I finally got your hair!

I worked on my dress. That was one of my projects this weekend. I put the zipper in and it wasn’t too bad. Of course I wasn’t stressing too much about it. I just decided I had some time and I may as well put in a zipper. It wasn’t the best attempt, but it wasn’t the worst either. Not too shabby considering that my sewing machine didn’t miraculously grow a zipper foot. I also cleaned up my area. I got a new little cart and swapped it out for one I am taking to work.

I also sewed darts into the lining. I already did that once, but that old lining material has zero, and I mean ZERO stretch to it. I am sure I would have been frustrated dealing with that. The new lining material at least has a tiny bit of stretch to it. I am ready to assemble it, but had some other things to contend with today. I felt like I made some progress. And that is what matters. The main part of the slip is done. The main part of the overdress is done. I’m making progress. Not too bad considering the “BIG DAY” is:



  hours  minutes  seconds


DiPasquale Wedding

We sent out a bunch of Save the Date cards. Of course after that I started stressing about whether we would actually have a wedding or not. I realize nothing has really changed, especially when I think of how Mike might not be vaccinated until who-knows-when. At this point I try not to worry about it. I am trying to realize there are worse things than wearing a mask. I work for the Federal government, for crying out loud. Masks are a thing at work. We must have them on all the time. I do this thing at times where I “forget” there is a pandemic, believe it or not. I wake up in the morning and it takes a while for it to dawn on me that maybe it ended overnight, even though that is ridiculous. I don’t think I even know what normal will look like, if we ever get back to normal. But we are getting married on August 1. I just don’t know what that will look like.

Today was the Super Bowl and I spent nearly the entire time redoing my recipe binder with fresh new recipes and plastic covers for them. I got the binder a couple years ago from my daughter and it has sat in a cupboard with recipes crammed into it. A few weeks ago I decided to update. I began with recipes I used for my students at school — I teach Culinary Skills. At any rate, I have been refining and retyping. Now it looks better — I’m still not finished. This Super Bowl was the perfect time to do this because in my opinion, it was a dud! It is a fact that I was hoping KC would win, but honestly, a decent game would have been better than what we got!

Today I also thought a lot about what kind of cake we might have at our wedding. I made this amazing cake last week for a friend’s birthday. It was “orange cream.” The cake was white cake with orange flavor in it and the frosting was orange buttercream. It was pretty good, even if I say so myself. We had thought about having a “macaron tower” that resembled a wedding cake, but now I think about the orange cream cake and how tasty it was.

On that note, I will close another blog. I am hoping to help my future mother-in-law get a reservation for a COVID shot this week. I think I can log onto the website at midnight tonight. Maybe I better get a nap first. Stay safe and stay well!

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